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The rapid depletion of fossil fuels and resources is encouraging the worldwide demand for replacing the petroleum derived raw materials used in production with Tag Heuer Replica Watches renewable agro based ones. These resources are quite significant in terms of its potential social and environmental impacts. Furthermore the economic benefits of using these are also considerable.

Cashew nut is a fruit of the cashew tree, native to Brazil and the lower Amazons. It has been introduced in the Americas, the West Indies, Madagascar, India and Malaysia. CNSL (Cashew Nut Shell Liquid) is an agricultural byproduct of Cashew nut. It is an amber color liquid found in the meso-carp spongy structure of the shell of the fruit. It is a better, cheaper, and major source for naturally occurring unsaturated long chain phenols.Cardanol, a phenolic compound with aliphatic side chain in the meta-position is a decarboxylated derivative obtained by thermal decomposition of anacardic acid, which is the major component present in CNSL.

Phenalkamine, a commercial epoxy curing agent, obtained from Cardanol, can be aimed to fulfill all requirements for the Industrial and high performance coating. Phenalkamines are very effective curing agents with extraordinary combined characteristics, longer pot lives and fast curing even at low temperatures. These properties are desirable for formulation of paints required for Industrial maintenance and marine coating applications. These formulations are preferred in cold countries as well as tropical countries. Phenalkamine is a mannich based curing agent. It has a rapid cure rate at low temperatures (even at 0 °C) and its moisture tolerance property allows application under wet or humid conditions even on a wet or damp surface.

The aromatic backbone of Phenalkamine is responsible for the high chemical resistance while the hydroxyl group gives strong adhesion and good reactivity for fast and low temperature cure. The aliphatic chain acts as water repellant and the amine side chain is responsible for the high cross linked density.

Phenalkamine epoxy hardeners are used for heavy duty protective coating. These are applied with a high film build in order to provide exceptional durability and resistance to particularly aggressive environments. This high build is required to minimize the penetration of any contaminants to the substrate, provide resistance to impact, abrasion, severe weather conditions and corrosive environments. They are less susceptible to carbonation and are resistant to wide variety of chemicals. They provide non critical mixing ratios with good pot life and lower viscosity which is suited for low VOC compliance coatings. High level of mechanical stability is achieved using Phenalkamine epoxy hardener based protective coatings. They feature excellent corrosion resistance.

Phenalkamine epoxy curing agent is used for heavy duty industrial coatings, marine and offshore coatings and concrete coatings. It is also used for adhesives and sealant applications.

Marine Applications
Marine corrosion can be classified as marine atmosphere, splash, tidal, immersion, and mud zone in offshore field which are more prone to corrosion. Our technology provides a range of products which can be used in protective coatings that are more effective in severe environment of marine offshore.

Phenalkamine has become dominant because of its excellent performance against corrosion, and very good chemical resistance as well. In addition, it has excellent curing range even at low temperatures, and displays very good adhesion to numerous substrates with good flexibility.

Industrial Applications
Industries have extreme chemical and corrosive environments, so it is necessary to protect their metal structures. Coating systems based on Acorrphen products exhibit excellent chemical and corrosion resistance for extended periods of time. The main characteristics of our products are low temperature curing tendency with longer pot life. With the help of our low viscosity and high solid products, as low as zero VOC composition can be achieved.

Civil Engineering, Flooring and other Heavy duty Applications
Our new generation of fast curing agents imparts unique features for epoxy based systems. Acorrphen products are used for floorings, paving and construction. The key features of Acorrphen products are fast ambient cure, very good adhesion to many substrates, low shrinkage, good mechanical strength and durability.

Our product range is also used for roads, tunnels, bridges which are effective barriers to chemicals, oils, moistures and grease. They exhibit excellent performance in new constructions as well as in maintenance and repair applications.

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